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Save Money, Time & Energy with Lutron® Products in St. John’s

Starlite Electric Ltd. is St. John’s authorized dealer of quality Lutron electronic products, such as lighting control systems that turn the lights off when you leave a room or that lower the shades in your office to reduce glare. Save time, costs and energy with Lutron products from Starlite Electric Ltd.!

Be Green; Save Money!

Best of all, Lutron helps you run a greener organization or household by reducing energy usage. And think of the money you’ll save! Call Starlite Electric Ltd. today for more information on Lutron® products.

Shading & Lighting Control Systems 

Save energy and always have the right amount of ambient lighting in your home with Lutron® shading and lighting control systems. Not only will your family enjoy enhanced comfort, these systems will also help take the heat off your electrical bills. Soon, you will even be able to control your RadioRA system with Amazon’s voice-activated personal assistant, Alexa!

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